“We Are the Flash” Filming Locations

Barry takes a journey inside of DeVoe's mind to defeat him before he can transform the world.

Series: The Flash Season 4, Episode 23
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The Flash episode "We Are the Flash" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Sinclair Centre as Jitters

Captain Singh runs outside as the city starts to panic over the darkness.


Crowley Drive & Tyne Street as Street Corner

Barry enters DeVoe's mind and finds himself back at the spot where the bus metas were created.

Burnaby Central Park as Picnic

Barry continues his search as the clearing where Clifford had his picnic with Marlize but runs into Ralph instead.


Windermere Secondary School as Oxford Classroom

Barry and Ralph find the dead body of the old DeVoe sitting on the stage where he first met his wife.

Homer Street (between Georgia & Dunsmuir) as Near the Hellmouth

Barry and Ralph spot the portal they need to use to escape in the distance but are stopped by DeVoe.

Granville Plaza as Central City Plaza

Barry, Cisco, and Ralph work to save people from debris from the falling satellite.