Movies Filmed at Granville Plaza

200 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC V6C 1S4, Canada
Nearby Locations
Waterfront Centre from The Flash
50 m

250 Howe Street from Dead Like Me and 1 other movie.
56 m

Parking Garage (under Granville Plaza) from Once Upon a Time
77 m

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The Flash

Central City Plaza

Barry, Cisco, and Ralph work to save people from debris from the falling satellite in episode 4x23 "We Are the Flash". Team Flash assembles and works together to defeat Thawne in the future in episode 5x22 "Legacy".


Statue Plaza

Maggie and Alex keep watch during the unveiling ceremony for the Supergirl statue which Lena Luther is presenting in episode 3x01 "Girl of Steel". Citizens run in a panic as Reign's earthquake rips through the city in episode 3x22 "Make it Reign".

Battle In Seattle

Westlake Plaza

Fairly Legal

Park near Embassy

From episode 1x10 "Bridges".