“The Fanatical” Filming Locations

A member of Coville's cult defects and brings news of their terrible plan to create another Worldkiller.

Series: Supergirl Season 3, Episode 19
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Supergirl episode "The Fanatical" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

University Drive (between 102 & Old Yale) as Street near Catco

Olivia and the cultists try to escape after kidnapping Tanya but are chased down the street by James.


104th Avenue Centre as Abandoned Building

James confronts Olivia and the cultists as Guardian to rescue Tanya but is unmasked and chased away when the police arrive.


104th Avenue Centre as CatCo Worldwide Media (parking garage)

Tanya tells James that she thinks his identity as the Guardian is cool.

Playland (PNE) as Fun Centre

Alex and J'onn take Ruby and M'yrnn to the arcade for some fun and games.


West Pender Street & Carrall Street as Street

Tanya makes herself obvious on the street and is picked up by the cultists.


Rickshaw Theatre as Theater

Olivia forces Tanya to complete the ritual to turn her into a Worldkiller and is stopped by Kara.