Movies Filmed at Playland

Playland, 2901 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V5K, Canada

Part of Pacific National Exhibition

Dating back to 1958 when it was built in Hastings Park, Playland is the oldest standing amusement park in Canada. The park’s regular season runs from April to September, with an addition few weeks of operation in late October to Fright Nights. The amusement park is partnered with the PNE for hosting the annual fair on the grounds in August.

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Amphitheatre from Psych
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The Sanctuary from Psych and 1 other movie.
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Playland Employee Parking Lot from Legends of Tomorrow
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The Flash

Central City Amusement Park

Barry and the team track Griffin Grey down to the amusement park where he is holding Harry and draw him out into a fight in episode 2x19 “Back to Normal”. Orlin is out with Grace when the Enlightenment happens and they are both injured by falling debris in episode 5x07 “O Come, All Ye Thankful”.



Where Olivia and her niece are riding a roller coaster at the end of episode #208 "August".


Abandoned Carnival

Ryan is sleeping in her van when she get a warning about Tommy and flees from the pursuing Batmobile in episode 2x01 “What Happened to Kate Kane?”. Kiki Roulette takes Mary and Alice to the Joker's old lair in an amusement park to fix the buzzer in episode 3x11 “Broken Toys”. Marquis visits the House of Mirrors in the abandoned carnival to find the pieces of the Joker's old master plan in episode 3x13 “We Having Fun Yet?”.


Two cops listen to Marquis's broadcast from their car in episode 3x13 “We Having Fun Yet?”.