Movies Filmed at Carondelet Street (between Julia & St. Joseph)

843 Carondelet St, New Orleans, LA 70130, USA
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Premium Parking P158 from Cloak & Dagger
34 m

Alley (south of Julia, west of St. Charl… from Cloak & Dagger
60 m

Alley (south of Julia, west of Carondele… from Cloak & Dagger
62 m

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Cloak & Dagger


Liam returns with money for Tandy after selling the things they stole in episode 1x01 "First Light".

Dealer's Corner

Tyrone follows the dealer from Duane's business but is caught and later O'Reilly and Connors chase the dealer from the corner in episode 1x06 "Funhouse Mirrors".