“Détente” Filming Locations

Series: Salvation Season 2, Episode 2
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Salvation episode "Détente" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Dyke Road (between Gilbert & No. 3) as Riverside Street

Alonzo pulls over Harris to question him about his involvement with Claire.

Aerospace Technology Campus (BCIT) as Reykjavik International Science Coalition

Grace and Darius seek help from a group of European scientists including Darius' old colleague Dr. Rosetta Stendahl but they receive an unpleasant reception.

Richmond City Hall as Reykjavik International Science Coalition (conference room)

Darius presents his proposal to the gathered scientists.

1745 West 8th Avenue as Fort Reynolds

Harris and Hugh Keating monitor a raid on the military base where they believe Monroe Bennett is operating from but find him already gone.