Movies Filmed at Aerospace Technology Campus

3800 Cessna Dr, Richmond, BC V7B 0A1, Canada

Part of British Columbia Institute of Technology

A new campus for the British Columbia Institute of Technology that opened in 2007 by the Vancouver International Airport specializing in training aircraft maintenance, commercial piloting, and airport operations.

Nearby Locations
Pacific Gateway from Travelers and 3 other movies.
742 m

Richmond Night Market from The Interview
1.3 km

Richmond International High School and C… from Fringe
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The Flash

McCulloch Technologies

Iris questions Joseph Carver about the theft her source told her about but he comes up with a story to cover for it in episode 6x10 “Marathon”.


FBI Office

Broyles talks with Olivia in the lobby of the FBI in episode #206 "Earthling".


Airport that Broyles calls Olivia from in episode #206 "Earthling".

Legends of Tomorrow

Kasnian Corporate Headquarters [2147]

Rip infiltrates the Kasnian board meeting and sees Vandal Savage while Palmer and some others learn about the robots in episode 1x10 “Progeny”.


L Corp Lobby

Mercy Graves storms L Corp with her soldiers forcing Lena, Kara, and Eve to run to safety in episode 4x02 “Fallout”.


Reykjavik International Science Coalition

Grace and Darius seek help from a group of European scientists including Darius' old colleague Dr. Rosetta Stendahl but they receive an unpleasant reception in episode 2x02 “Détente”.


Shea Group (lobby)

Macy visits Julian as his company is preparing for the charity gala and later she returns with Maggie and Jordan to sneak into the basement in episode 2x17 “Search Party”.

Altered Carbon

Psychasec (interior)

Kovaks talks to the employees at the company the manufactures the Bancroft's clone sleeves and watches as Laurens Bancroft needlecasts back from overseas in episode 1x02 “Fallen Angel”.


Onira Tech (lobby)

Charlie and Alexis take Mara on a tour of the office and introduce her to Dylan in episode 1x01 “Apertus”.