Movies Filmed at 1745 West 8th Avenue

1745 W 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 4T3, Canada
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Alley (south of 7th, west of Pine) from Salvation
40 m

West 8th Avenue (between Burrard & Pine) from The X-Files and 1 other movie.
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West 8th Avenue & Pine Street from Salvation
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The Flash

Goldface's Black Market

Barry and Ralph say the secret words and are transported to a market for illegal weapons where they try to find the device they need to trap Cicada in episode 5x13 "Goldfaced".

Ivo Laboratories

Ralph and Barry are forced to join Goldface's team while he steals a 3D printer destined for a hospital in episode 5x13 "Goldfaced".

G. Simone & Associates

Nora steals data off an architecture firm's servers and then fries them with a lightning bolt in episode 5x20 "Gone Rogue".

The Magicians

Brakebills Infirmary

Julia's partial godhood is preventing the wound from closing forcing Penny to make an important decision for her in episode 4x13 "No Better to Be Safe Than Sorry".

Underworld Metro

The Underworld Penny gives Quentin a MetroCard and sends him on his way in episode 4x13 "No Better to Be Safe Than Sorry".


Palmer Tech Bio Divison

The team interrupts another robbery by the Dragon's gang and Diggle sees who their leader is for the first time in episode 6x06 "Promises Kept".

Jackals Hideout (basement)

Oliver sneaks into the Jackals lair to disable the detonator and figure out their plans in episode 6x06 "Promises Kept".

A.S.I.S. Training Facility

Slade spends time training with Joseph after being rescued from Lian Yu in episode 6x06 "Promises Kept".


The Daily Planet

Brainy takes James into his memories of the first time he was attacked by Lex Luthor but finds James drawn to an earlier trauma in episode 4x19 "American Dreamer".

Funeral Parlor (basement)

Young James is chased into the basement by the two bullies and locked inside a coffin in episode 4x19 "American Dreamer".

The X-Files

FBI Parking Garage

Reyes and the Smoking Man approach Skinner with an offer for the cure in exchange for Scully's son in episode 11x01 "My Struggle III". Reggie approaches Mulder again with new theories but Scully arrives with information on his true history in episode 11x04 "The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat".

The 209

Jeffrey Spender is taking out the trash when someone tries to hit him with their car and get information on Mulder & Scully's son in episode 11x01 "My Struggle III".

Titanpointe Building

Mulder and Scully infiltrate the building with the simulation servers through the adjacent federal building in episode 11x02 "This".

Government Offices

Reggie works in an assortment of government jobs over the years in episode 11x04 "The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat".


FBI Loading Dock

Harris says goodbye to Fiona as the FBI is unloading all of their evidence from the Q17 command center in episode 2x08 "Abre Sus Ojos". Liam oversees the exchange of Nicholas Tanz for the meteor in episode 2x12 "Hail Marry".


Liam arranges to meet Darius alone but Darius brings Secret Service and Alycia follows Liam in episode 2x06 "Let the Chips Fall".

DC General Hospital (lobby/roof)

Grace and Cavanaugh go to the hospital to get the Chief Justice's ruling and when Grace is trying to leave with it her helicopter is destroyed in episode 2x04 "Indivisible". Grace and Alonzo flee the rooftop after their helicopter was destroyed in episode 2x05 "White House Down".

Parking Garage

Alonzo and Grace are trying to take a shortcut through a garage when they are found by one of the soldiers hunting for Grace in episode 2x05 "White House Down".

White House (machine room)

Harris and Darius are sneaking through the white house when their secret service escort is killed in episode 2x05 "White House Down".

Office of Medical Examiner

Jillian and Nate visit the coroner to examine fake Joe Riggs' autopsy report and learn about a strange chip he had implanted in episode 2x03 "Crimes and Punishment". Alonzo tries to view his sister's autopsy report but is turned away in episode 2x04 "Indivisible".

Fort Reynolds

Harris and Hugh Keating monitor a raid on the military base where they believe Monroe Bennett is operating from but find him already gone in episode 2x02 "Détente".

Parking Garage on Aberdeen

Darius goes to meet his father to get Grace access to a bunker but is kidnapped by Nicholas's fixer in episode 2x12 "Hail Marry".