“The Virgin Gary” Filming Locations

With the last of the anachronisms solved, and no sign of the mystical monsters that Constantine promised, the Legends are riding high until something strange begins to happen at Woodstock.

Legends of Tomorrow episode “The Virgin Gary” was filmed in Delta, Burnaby, & Langley in Canada.

Boundary Bay Regional Airport as JFK Airport [1964]

The Legends infiltrate the crowd during the Beatles' first arrival in the United States to stop the anachronism of Paul Revere from spoiling history.

3760 72 Street as Heywood Mansion [2018]

Nate leads Mick to a house to rob but it turns out to be his parents' home which leads to an awkward encounter with them.

Burnaby Central Park as Woods near Woodstock [1969]

Ray and Zari discover a body missing a heart in the woods and later the whole team assembles with a shirtless Gary to lure and banish the unicorn.