“Man of Steel” Filming Locations

As Supergirl lies out of commission from the Kryptonite poisoning, we get a glimpse at the history and rise of Agent Liberty.

Series: Supergirl Season 4, Episode 3
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Supergirl episode "Man of Steel" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Pantages Lane (between Broughton & Jervis) as Alley behind Community Center

J'onn runs out of the Community Center and flies off to save Kara.

208 Street (between 102b & Yeomans) as Driving

Ben and Peter Lockwood drive into work at the foundry.


Thompson Foundry as Lockwood Family Steel

Ben Lockwood arrives at the foundry with his father to find all of the workers heading across the way to riot outside the new Nth Metal foundry.


Surrey Biofuel Facility as Universal NTH

Ben Lockwood is injured while trying to stop the foundry employees from attacking an alien driver and later he goes to burn the place to the ground with a few other assholes.

Guinness Tower as L Corp (lobby)

Ben Lockwood ambushes Lena in the lobby to ask about his father's foundry.


Trinity Western University as National City University

Ben Lockwood teaches a class on progress to his students and later goes on a racist screed which causes several students to walk out and causes him to be fired by the Dean.


2782 Eton Street as Lockwood House (exterior)

The Lockwood family is packing up to leave town during the Daxamite occupation when J'onn flies overhead fighting a Daxamite and ends up destroying their home.

Harbour Green Park as L Corp Plaza

Ben Lockwood hands out anti-alien fliers before the terraforming attack and months later he spies Dean Warren while talking to a crowd.


West Cordova Street (between Bute & Thurlow) as Street near Plaza

Ben Lockwood calls his wife during Reign's attack on the planet and months later he is approached by Mercy Graves who gives him his fancy new armor.


Strathcona Church as Church

Ben Lockwood is giving the eulogy for his father when he sees Lena enter the church.

20146 100a Avenue as Alien Bar

Agent Liberty throws a bomb at the bar with a few of his anti-alien bigots.