“Ahimsa” Filming Locations

J'onn teams up with Fiona's fiancee to save her with the DEO's help after discovering that the Graves siblings are using her psychic abilities to force aliens into committing acts of terror.

Supergirl episode “Ahimsa” was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.

20146 100a Avenue as Alley behind Dive Bar

Manchester Black accompanies a very drunk Officer Petrocelli out of the bar and learns about an upcoming anti-alien attack.

657 37th Avenue West as 4th Street Precinct (interior)

Alex, J'onn, and Manchester Black stop a pair of mind-controlled aliens from attacking a police station but when Kara joins in the fight her suit starts to fail exposing her to more Kryptonite.

5255 Heather Street as 4th Street Precinct (exterior)

Manchester Black tells Alex about Fiona's powers and they determine the Graves siblings plans to spread terror.

WestPark Lot 098 as National City Fair Grounds

Kara and James fight off the mind-controlled aliens while J'onn and Manchester Black search for Fiona to put a stop to Mercy & Otis Graves' plan.