“Other Women” Filming Locations

With Nico reeling from Trip's death, Mel must do what she can to keep her girlfriend from endangering herself by investigating while Macy has her own suspicions about Galvin's new flame and the consequences of Maggie's impulsive kiss come to bear.

Charmed episode “Other Women” was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.

Heritage Hall as Hilltowne University Arts & Architecture Library

Mel calls Niko and invites her to go away for the weekend.

Burnaby Central Park as Trip's Fishing Cabin

Niko finds evidence in Trip's fishing cabin but before she can leave the shapeshifter posing as Trip attacks her, steals the evidence, and lights the cabin on fire with her inside. The cabin was added for filming.

The Metropole as The Metropole

Maggie and Macy attend $1 Draft Night to figure out whether Galvin's new girlfriend Summer is a succubus.

Winram Block as Galvin's Apartment

Maggie accompanies Macy to Galvin's apartment to banish the succubus only to learn that Summer is just an ordinary woman.