“Exorcise Your Demons” Filming Locations

When an elder arrives and informs the sisters that they must kill Angela Wu to destroy the demon they search desperately for some way to save her life while avoiding scrutiny from Nico and her partner.

Charmed episode “Exorcise Your Demons” was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.

Vancouver Art Gallery as Department of Literature (exterior)

Mel and Macy talk to Maggie about how to handle Angela Wu as she heads to class and later Mel uses her powers to evade Trip who is following her and Maggie.

Robson Square Campus (UBC) as Department of Literature (interior)

Maggie sees Lucy and Parker during her lit class and after telling Lucy about her grades, Lucy offers up Parker for tutoring.

Ironwood Studios as Float Warehouse

The sisters take Angela Wu to the building where the homecoming floats are stored to perform the exorcism and Maggie is forced to distract Parker who has stopped by to drop off some fireworks.