“All Doll'd Up” Filming Locations

Barry and Iris team up to stop a terrifying boneless meta to take their mind off Nora while Cisco pushes himself past his limit in helping Caitlin search for her father.

Series: The Flash Season 5, Episode 5
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The Flash episode "All Doll'd Up" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

East Cordova Street (between Campbell & Raymur) as Ruger Street

The police chase an art thief on a motorcycle down the street.


Alley (south of Cordova, west of Raymur) as Ramirez Lane

The art thief walks rides down an alley and hands the painting off to another motorcyclist.


East Cordova Street (between Campbell & Raymur) as 5th Avenue

Barry creates a pile of pallets and trash bags to safely stop the thief only to realize he passed the stolen painting off to someone else.


East Cordova Street & Raymur Avenue as End of the Street

Nora stops the escaping motorcyclist but the motorcycle slides towards two innocent bystanders who have to be saved by Barry.

Cecil Green Park House (UBC) as Wedding Venue

A groom shows his betrothed a beautiful heirloom necklace that she will get after they are married.


Pacific Boulevard (between Homer & Drake) as Street near William Seaver Architects

Barry rescues the architect from the collapsing building.

Cecil Green Park House (UBC) as Merkel Charity Fundraiser

Iris and Barry dress fancily to attend a fundraiser hosted by Theresa Merkel to ask her about her son.


Drake Street (between Pacific & Roundhouse) as Eaglesham Apartments

After Iris jumps off a building to save Barry they land safely on the ground just as Nora zips up and shortly before Ralph lands in balloon mode with Rag Doll safely cocooned inside his body.