Movies Filmed at Cecil Green Park House

Part of The University of British Columbia
6251 Cecil Green Park Rd, University of British Columbia - Main, Vancouver, BC V6T 1X8, Canada

This building, constructed in 1912, was originally the home of Edward Davis, a prominent lawyer for the Canadian Pacific Railway, and was called Kanakla (meaning ‘house on the cliff’). It now belongs to the university and houses weddings, film shoots, and other events.

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Lassiter & Marlowe's Wedding

Lassiter and Marlowe are getting married when Max The Axe's gunmen storm the wedding looking for Herb Pollock in episode #707 "Deez Nups". Shawn leaves here at the start of the next episode, #708 "Right Turn or Left for Dead".

The Flash

Santini Mansion

Leonard Snart and Mick Rory attack the Santini crime family in episode 1x15 "Out of Time".


Darhk's House

Lonnie Machin takes Darhk's wife and daughter hostage and Team Arrow rescues them in episode 4x10 "Blood Debts".


Haunted House

Liv goes to help her family at a charity haunted house in pilot episode.


Church of the High Prince (interior)

A group of satanists perform a mock-scarifice and later Lucifer and Chloe arrive to question them about the actual dead girl in episode 1x12 "#TeamLucifer".

Amenadiel's Apartment

Maze arrives at Amenadiel's place while he is brooding and tries to convince herself to kill him after they sleep together in episode 1x12 "#TeamLucifer".


Milton-Staller Wedding

Fancy building where the wedding takes place in episode #212 "The Bishop Revival".

The X-Files

Cigarette Smoking Man's Mansion

The Cigarette Smoking Man takes a phone call about the Tad O'Malley situation in episode 10x01 "My Struggle". Mulder confronts him in his mansion in episode 10x06 "My Struggle II".

Legends of Tomorrow

Professor Stein's Office [2016]

Stein tries to convince Jax to join him but ends up drugging him when that doesn't work in pilot episode "Pilot, Part 1".

Vandal Savage's Mansion [1975]

Snart, Rory, and Ray break into a mansion to steal the dagger only to find out it belongs to Vandal Savage in pilot episode "Pilot, Part 2".

Harper's Island

Candlewick Inn

Source: IMDb


Campus Administrator's Office

Backstrom and Graveley meet with the campus administration about the murder in episode 1x01 "Dragon Slayer".

Portland Governors Club

Valentine goes undercover delivering the forged wine to the Governors Club in episode 1x12 "Corkscrewed".


Blossom Mansion

Cheryl Blossom invites Betty, Veronica, and Archie to her afterparty where she attempts to cause havoc between the three of them in episode 1x01 "Chapter One: The River's Edge".


Langmore Home

In a flashback, Jules waits at home with Maddie so she can introducer her parents to her new wife in episode 1x07 "Frog-Bikini-Eiffel Tower".

Laneview Country Club

Jules and Richard talk their way into a fancy country club in their search for some legal advice in episode 1x07 "Frog-Bikini-Eiffel Tower".