“Rather the Fallen Angel” Filming Locations

Agent Liberty forces James to take part in an upcoming anti-alien attack while Kara debates whether to investigate with Manchester.

Supergirl episode “Rather the Fallen Angel” was filmed in Vancouver, Langley, & Maple Ridge in Canada.

E-One Moli Energy as Alien Fission Rod Facility

Kara arrives at a robbery by the Children of Liberty in time to save Manchester from being shot.

Jericho Sailing Centre as Shelley Island (exterior)

James emerges from the warehouse and realizes he was being held at the defunct Shelley Island alien welcome center.

Jericho Pier as Shelley Island (dock)

James tries to escape with Tom's help but has to surrender to save Tom's life. Later, Kara lands on the dock with Manchester and passes through the power-dampening barrier.

9790 198b Street as National City Container Port

A tip from Manchester leads him and Kara to a recently emptied shipping container and Kara has to stop him from beating answers out of a port employee.

102b Avenue (east of 201 Street) as Street outside Lockwood Family Steel

J'onn lands in front of Manchester to confront him about his actions against Supergirl and Manchester uses a device to show J'onn the pain he is feeling over Fiona's death.