“Protocol 3” Filming Locations

Grant tries to piece together his last 24 hours after waking up and realizing his memory has been erased.

Series: Travelers Season 3, Episode 3
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Travelers episode "Protocol 3" was filmed in Vancouver & Britannia Beach in Canada.
Show Map

700 Vernon Drive as Carly's House

Carly finds one of Jeffrey's old toys behind the couch while she is cleaning.


Copper Drive (near dirt road) as Road to Beach

Grant drives down a winding road to the beach.

Minaty Bay as Forest

Grant follows his car's GPS route from the day before and after arriving on the beach he discovers a note with an address.


5416 Buckingham Avenue as Jeffrey's Foster Home

Carly watches Jeffrey settle in to his new foster home and later stops by to drop off his doll.

4345 104 Street as 4345 Bellwood Drive

Grant visits the address he found on the note and learns that yesterday he took Aleksander from his foster family.


Galileo Coffee Company as Route 82 Diner

Grant visits the local diner and learns that he got into a fight yesterday with the cook over Aleksander.

Deer Lake Park as Lakeside Path

Philip and Carly walk through the park while they wait for the time to come.