Travelers Filming Locations

A group of people from the future take over people in the present day to stop a horrible dystopian future from coming to pass.

Travelers was filmed in Vancouver, Britannia Beach, & Squamish in Canada.

700 Vernon Drive

Carly's House

Carly is attacked by the father of her child and later she is questioned by Agent MacLaren in episode 1x01 “Travelers”. Carly and Grant to the house and share a kiss in episode 1x02 “Protocol 6”. Jeff comes over to talk with Carly about getting their kid back in episode 2x02 “Protocol 4”.

Appears in 10 additional episodes.

Carly and Jeff continue their act for Child Services and manage to get their kid back.


Carly returns home to find Jeff & their son out so she prepares for the assassination.


Marcy stops by at Carly's request to check on her kid.


Jeffrey struggles to take car of the child while waiting for Carly to return home.

17 Minutes

Carly leaves a note as she heads off on the mission.


Jeff invites Carly to stay for breakfast and later they exercise together.


Jeff comes home drunk and Carly almost kills him.

Protocol 3

Carly finds one of Jeffrey's old toys behind the couch while she is cleaning.


Jeff stops by demanding to talk with Carly and she threatens him with one of her guns.


The newly overwritten Jeff visits Carly to get advice on his new role.

Canada Post Main Office

Support Group

Philip attends an addiction support group and meets another Traveler who was sent to help him in episode 2x02 “Protocol 4”. Philip has a vision of another timeline while at his addiction support meeting in episode 2x09 “Update”.


Walt gathers a group of National Guard soldiers in front of the Quantum Frame in episode 2x05 “Jenny”. Traveler 0029 takes Marcy to the room with the Quantum Frame only to find it filled with dead Fraction members in episode 2x08 “Traveler 0027”.


Philip slips the anti-viral into a water bottle at the gym in episode 2x05 “Jenny”.


Blair is attending a rave when the Faction uses the Quantum Frame to take over most of the attendees in episode 2x08 “Traveler 0027”.

Fake Location

The team tracks the phones down to an empty building but find that Vincent anticipated them in episode 2x12 “001”.


Carly and Marcy go up to the roof of a building that is being renovated and they see Galston Agriculture explode in episode 2x04 “11:27”.

Simon's Office (interior)

Simon works on the Traveler's network in the early days and believes he hears the police arriving in episode 2x11 “Simon”.

Rooftop near Goodine's Family Restaurant

Carly defends the restaurant from a adjacent rooftop in episode 2x10 “21C”.

46 Henderson Avenue (interior)

A team of Travelers are interrogated in the basement of an old building in episode 2x03 “Jacob”.

Vancouver Community College


The doctor updates Philip's parents about his present condition in episode 2x01 “Ave Machina”. Grant and Kat go in for a checkout and find something worrying on the ultrasound in episode 2x04 “11:27”. Grant talks to a doctor about the missing patient and gets a description in episode 3x04 “Perrow”.

Alley near Galston Agriculture

Trevor and Philip prepare Abby for her mission and then monitor her from the van in episode 2x04 “11:27”.

Whytecliff Park

Whytecliff Park

Grace finds Trevor meditating on the beach and convinces him to give some other solution a try. Later, Kat brings Grant to look over the water and tests his memory about that location in episode 3x07 “Trevor”. Grant returns to the moment his host met Kat and advises her to give her current boyfriend another shot in episode 3x10 “Protocol Omega”.


Marcy attends James Edward Bailey's funeral to give support to David who is giving the eulogy for his former client in episode 3x07 “Trevor”.

East Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)

Coastal Cross Memorial Hospital

Grant takes Kat to the hospital when she has pregnancy complications in episode 2x09 “Update”. In a flashback, Director Stevenson gets a message from the Director who promises to heal his dying daughter in exchange for a favor in the future in episode 3x01 “Ilsa”.

Yoga Park

Marcy and David enjoy some yoga in the park in episode 2x09 “Update”.

Oceanic Plaza

Belltown Plaza

Philip is talking with Carly when he has a vision of a nuclear explosion over the city from another timeline in episode 3x08 “Archive”. Philip finds his world overwhelmingly confusing as his visions of alternate timelines increase in episode 3x10 “Protocol Omega”.

World Trade Center

Vincent walks out of the tower and looks around at people panicking in the streets as the second plane hits in episode 2x01 “Ave Machina”.

104th Avenue Centre

Abandoned Mall

Jeff is forced to turn on one of his fellow undercover Travelers by the Faction and then Dawn gives sets him up to guard the kidnapped Archivist in episode 3x08 “Archive”. Jeff is interrogated by 001 and the Faction before Carly and Grant arrive to find him sealed in a wall in episode 3x09 “David”.

FBI Parking Garage

The media films while Joanne escorts Andrew Graham into a police van for the transfer in episode 3x08 “Archive”.

Arch Alley (south of Hastings, west of Abbott)


Philip runs into an alley away from the cop in episode 1x01 “Travelers”. In Marcy's memories, Vincent's goons drop Marcy in an alley and she wanders around until she runs into David. Back in the present day, Marcy meets up with David and kisses him in episode 2x10 “21C”. Marcy drops Simon off in the alley with a bag of supplies and her number in episode 2x11 “Simon”.

Rollerland (PNE)

Seattle Archive

David is full of questions when the Archivist brings him inside to help move the blood while Jeff sets up outside to await reinforcements in episode 3x08 “Archive”. Marcy tracks David's comm where she finds him sealed in the Archive with the nuke and she calls in the team to assist in episode 3x09 “David”.

Shanghai Archive

A Traveler team tries to disarm the nuke in the Shanghai Archive but cannot manage it in time in episode 3x09 “David”.

The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts (UBC)

Dr. Perrow's Office

Dr. Perrow calls to drop Vincent as a patient and later Grant and Carly show up to recruit the doctor to help them track him down in episode 2x11 “Simon”.

Coastal Cross Memorial Hospital Charity Gala

Kat is attending a fundraiser with Grant when she meets Vincent Ingram who becomes very interested in some strange paintings created by a patient in episode 2x11 “Simon”.

City Centre Library

Marcy's Library

Marcy is working at the library late at night when she is attacked by a group of men and overwritten before she can be killed in episode 1x01 “Travelers”.

Internet Cafe

Philip is working on the computer setting up the chat room when Detective Gower arrives to question him about his roommate's death in episode 1x01 “Travelers”.

Youth Custody Services Centre

Abandoned Juvenile Detention Facility

Rick Hall wakes up inside his own mind in an attempt to recover his memories and in the real world Philip is held in a cell while the Faction tries to convince him to change sides in episode 3x06 “Philip”.

Fort Wallace

The team heads to a naval base to retrieve a warhead to save the Director in episode 2x06 “U235”.

657 37th Avenue West

Old School

The team finds themselves locked up and interrogated in an old school in episode 2x01 “Ave Machina”.

46 Henderson Avenue (exterior)

A group of construction workers are preparing a building for demolition when they discover bodies buried inside in episode 2x03 “Jacob”.

Rogers Sugar Mill

Abandoned Factory

Hall and Luca investigate an abandoned building and run into members of the Faction in episode 3x06 “Philip”.

Pier 27

Trevor freezes up while preparing to shoot down an airplane carrying anthrax forcing another Traveler team to finish the mission for them in episode 3x07 “Trevor”.

2715 Point Grey Road

Vincent's House

Vincent tells his therapist the story of his time in the 21st century in episode 2x01 “Ave Machina”. Grant visits Vincent's home to ask about the bodies found in the building his company owns in episode 2x03 “Jacob”.

The Dominion Building

Abandoned Building

Grant tracks the mysterious people to an abandoned building where Jeff is searching for Carly in episode 1x01 “Travelers”. Grant explains his presence to the cops and receives a package from another Traveler in episode 1x02 “Protocol 6”.

Del Mar Inn

Marcy's Apartment

Marcy wakes up in her apartment where her caseworker David is knocking in episode 1x01 “Travelers”. David helps get Marcy set up in an apartment all of her own in episode 2x10 “21C”.

Livestock Barns (PNE)

Murray Park High School

David gets into a fight while trying to get the bike back and has to be rescued by Trevor and Philip who are passing by in episode 3x04 “Perrow”.

Alley near Garage

Trevor wanders away from the garage under the control of the rogue program in episode 3x05 “Naomi”.

Queen Mary Apartments

Carly's New Apartment

Carly uses a Grant as a reference to get a nice new apartment and then meets her neighbor who seems to be in an abusive relationship much like hers in episode 3x07 “Trevor”. Carly sees Brant Moore hitting his wife Jessica outside her window and stops while leaving on her run to beat the crap out of him in episode 3x10 “Protocol Omega”.

Cedar Building (Capilano University)

Humphries University

Samantha Burns celebrates her big breakthrough with her girlfriend and research partner but later Carly arrives with Andrew Graham to tell her how her research will cause incredible amounts of death in episode 3x08 “Archive”. Back in 2001, Grant delivers an envelope to Samantha Burns with details about Helios 685 in episode 3x10 “Protocol Omega”.

Minaty Bay


Grant follows his car's GPS route from the day before and after arriving on the beach he discovers a note with an address in episode 3x03 “Protocol 3”.

Smile Diner


David is out at lunch when he sees the news about the plane crash that Marcy predicted in episode 1x02 “Protocol 6”.

Vancouver Central Library

Collman & Burr

Marcy and Philip head to an office to meet a newly arriving Traveler to pass off the antimatter only to have him die shortly after arrival in episode 1x02 “Protocol 6”.

Corner Cafe


Joanne and Grant let have Andrew Graham have one meal free before handing him over to police custody in episode 3x08 “Archive”.

6525 Boundary Road

FBI Task Force

Agent Joanne Yates takes a demand from the Director to FBI Director Stevenson to shut down their operation against the Travelers in episode 3x01 “Ilsa”.

E-One Moli Energy

Uranium Facility

The Faction takes over a facility that is being used to produce the U-235 needed to power the Director in the future in episode 2x06 “U235”.

CBC Vancouver Broadcast Centre

National Cable News

Christopher Rockwell is escorted into an interview by Grant & Joanne while the rest of the team takes up positions to facilitate his overwriting by the Director in episode 3x02 “Yates”.

Winram Block

David's Apartment

David arrives home to find Marcy in his apartment in episode 1x01 “Travelers”.

401 West Georgia


Philip is leaving a building when he spots Detective Gower waiting for him in episode 1x01 “Travelers”.

Belkin House

Staircase from Rooftop

Carly runs out of the building after shooting Ted Bishop and gets picked up by Officer Boyd in episode 2x04 “11:27”.

Hornby Plaza


Philip walks with Jenny after the meeting and she gives him the eye drops to help with his withdrawal symptoms in episode 2x02 “Protocol 4”.

Pacific Gateway

Serenity Inn & Suites

A group of people are attending a timeshare presentation when they are all overwritten. Grant and Walt go to the hotel to investigate as FBI agents in episode 2x02 “Protocol 4”.

Jericho Pier


Marcy and David go out walking and she tries to help him with his PTSD symptoms in episode 2x02 “Protocol 4”.

1010 George Street

Faction Hideout

Traveler 001 wakes up surrounded by several members of the Faction who eventually explain that he was their leader in their timeline in episode 3x04 “Perrow”.

The Sanctuary (PNE)

Running Trail

Trevor pushes Philip hard during a morning run and later the team corners the A.I.-controlled Trevor in the park and convinces him to come and talk with the Director in episode 3x05 “Naomi”.

Lulu Island Wastewater Treatment Plant

Van Huizen Corporation

Major Gleason loads up antimatter for transport from a research lab run by Dr. Delaney and later the team poses as a team to clean up the flooding so they can return the contents to containment in episode 1x02 “Protocol 6”.

Quarry Lane

Police Checkpoint

Carly and Trevor are stopped a police checkpoint and warned about the virus on their way out to the RV in episode 2x05 “Jenny”.

General Fusion

Van Huizen Corporation (lab)

Major Gleason tells Dr. Delaney that he will be taking her anti-mater and later the team arrives to return it before their mobile containment unit fails in episode 1x02 “Protocol 6”.

4345 104 Street

4345 Bellwood Drive

Grant visits the address he found on the note and learns that yesterday he took Aleksander from his foster family in episode 3x03 “Protocol 3”.

Calvary Worship Centre

Farm Fresh Grocery

Daniel Sosa is approached by a reporter while leaving the store with his wife Katie and afterwards his car is shot at and his wife is killed in episode 3x02 “Yates”.