“Perrow” Filming Locations

An attempt by the Faction to capture 001 reveals his presence to the Director who tasks all Traveler teams to hunt him down.

Series: Travelers Season 3, Episode 4
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Travelers episode "Perrow" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

700 Vernon Drive as Carly's House

Jeff stops by demanding to talk with Carly and she threatens him with one of her guns.


Alley (south of Alexander, west of Hawks) as Alley

David is going on his rounds when he learns that the guy he gifted his bike to had it stolen by a local gang.


Vancouver Community College as Hospital

Grant talks to a doctor about the missing patient and gets a description.


1010 George Street as Faction Hideout

Traveler 001 wakes up surrounded by several members of the Faction who eventually explain that he was their leader in their timeline.


Alexander Street Co-op as Sketchy Part of Town

Trevor and Philip park on the street and head off to pick up a refill of Philip's meds.


Livestock Barns (PNE) as Murray Park High School

David gets into a fight while trying to get the bike back and has to be rescued by Trevor and Philip who are passing by.


Alexander Street & Heatley Avenue as Under Bridge

Jeff forces Carly and the rest of the team to pull over and confronts about what he remembers at gunpoint.