“Protocol Omega” Filming Locations

The activation of Protocol Omega leaves the team reeling and directionless as governments move against the Travelers after the blasts.

Series: Travelers Season 3, Episode 10
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Travelers episode "Protocol Omega" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Pemberton Avenue (between 3rd & Welch) as Bus Ride

Marcy listens to David's old voicemail recording while taking the bus home. Once the timeline is altered, a non-Traveler Marcy runs into David on the bus while they are both heading to the hospital.

Oceanic Plaza as Belltown Plaza

Philip finds his world overwhelmingly confusing as his visions of alternate timelines increase.

Allied Shipbuilders as Dock

Grant & Trevor head to the coordinates while Carly covers them, but it turns out to be a trick by Joanne to learn about Protocol Omega.


Queen Mary Apartments as Carly's New Apartment

Carly sees Brant Moore hitting his wife Jessica outside her window and stops while leaving on her run to beat the crap out of him.

West Hastings Street (between Thurlow & Burrard) as Street

Carly is cooling down after her run when she hears a portion of Marcy's call for help.


Broadway (between Lake City & Underhill) as Street near Filmore Laboratories

Carly drops Trevor off near Filmore Laboratories before turning back to be with Jeffrey.

Whytecliff Park as Whytecliff Park

Grant returns to the moment his host met Kat and advises her to give her current boyfriend another shot.


Cedar Building (Capilano University) as Humphries University

Back in 2001, Grant delivers an envelope to Samantha Burns with details about Helios 685.