“Last Waltz” Filming Locations

The Runaways decide to throw Molly a quinceañera as a break from their troubles while Victor orchestrates a scheme to get Chase back home.

Series: Runaways Season 2, Episode 11
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Runaways episode "Last Waltz" was filmed in Los Angeles in United States of America.
Show Map

South Main Street (between Olympic & 11th) as Street

Xavin is in the form of a homeless woman staring at a picture of Karolina when she takes on the form of a young woman who hands her a energy bar.


Gold Creek Center as The Crater

Leslie is deposited into the care of a woman at the remote Church of Gibborim retreat for reconditioning.


McNally Estate as Yorkes House

The Yorkes try to get information about the kids using sodium thiopental but are really only able to learn about his and Gert's sex life.


Paramount Theatre (Paramount Studios) as Church of Gibborim Worship Center

Xavin asks Vaughn questions about Karolina but disappears before he can call over security.


Santee Alley (between Olympic & 11th) as The Santee Alley

The Runaways go on a shopping spree for Molly's quinceañera and Karolina has a cryptic encounter with Xavin.


Town & Country Liquor Store as Town & Country Liquor

Chase meets with his parents and heads home with them.