“Split Up” Filming Locations

Chase meets with the Runaways to give them PRIDE's offer but things go wrong forcing everyone in separate directions.

Series: Runaways Season 2, Episode 13
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Runaways episode "Split Up" was filmed in Los Angeles in United States of America.
Show Map

Cedar Grove (Griffith Park) as Griffith Park Woods

Chase meets with the rest of the Runaways but they soundly dismiss his offer leading to an assault by Tina's drones.


Bronson Caves (Griffith Park) as Tunnel

One of the drones chases Nico and Karolina to a rock tunnel where they manage to seal it outside.


Union Swapmeet as Union Swapmeet

Molly throws a scooter knocking out two drones before running inside with Gert where Dale and Stacey pursue them through the packed stores.


Gower Car Wash as Gower Car Wash

Alex steals a fast car after it has been detailed.


Ducommun Street (between Garey & end) as Street

Alex races down the street chased by his parents and one of Tina's drones.


Ducommun Street (between Garey & Vignes) as Street

Alex weaves dangerously through traffic in an attempt to evade the drone causing his parents to order Tina to call it off.


Jackson Street & North Vignes Street as Corner

Alex makes a series of reckless turns to evade his parents.


Willow Studios as Warehouse

After taking shelter from one of the drones, Karolina is confronted by Victor who she learns is now under the control of Jonah.


25010 Thousand Peaks Road as Stein House

Chase comes clean to his mother about Victor's illness and she realizes what it means.


Sun Mun Way as Chinatown Street

Alex leaves his stolen car in Chinatown and continues on foot.


Alley (south of Bamboo, west of Broadway) as Chinatown Alley

Catherine and Geoffrey follow Alex into an alley but cannot find him anywhere.