“Salesman, Cheats and Liars” Filming Locations

Joanna gets involved in a new case that puts her up against a major tech company, Luna gets bad news about her mother's case against David Hanley, and Owen & Billy deal with the fallout of the mill's closure.

Series: Burden of Truth Season 2, Episode 1
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Burden of Truth episode "Salesman, Cheats and Liars" was filmed in Winnipeg, Selkirk, & Sanford in Canada.
Show Map

Impark Garage #104 (at 201 Portage) as Parking Garage

Joanna heads to her car in a panic and almost calls Billy but decides against it.


Rancho Relaxo as Billy's Home

Billy works on some legal documents before his morning swim and later Owen drives him home and notices the front door is open.


Garry Street (between Portage & Graham) as Street

Joanna drives out of the alley and onto the main street.


Forks Market Road (between Main & Fort Gibraltar) (The Forks) as Underpass

Joanna drives under a train bridge.


Stanley Street (between Logan & Alexander) as Street

Joanna's car rolls to a stop and a strange voice talks to her from the onboard computer.


Manitoba Legislative Building as Manitoba Legislative Building

Joanna jogs along the waterfront in the morning and then through the park past the government building.


448 Hargrave Street as Joanna's Apartment

Joanna gets a text from Billy about the awards ceremony while preparing for work after her jog.


Republic Architecture Inc. as Steadman Lavery

Joanna meets with a tech prodigy client who is in trouble with his old company.


Pittsburg Avenue (between Mercy & Sophia) as Street near Factories

Billy drives past the now closed steel plant on his way to work.


Summerscales House as Matheson House

Billy tries to settle the final issues in Ben Matheson's divorce but he says he will only agree if Billy gets a letter to his daughter.


360 Eveline Street as Pawn Shop

Owen talks to Mercer about a store theft.


MJ Roofing as Luna & Molly's Apartment

Luna prepares for work in the morning and reminds Molly about her doctor's appointment in the apartment they now share.


Manitoba Courts as Winnipeg Courthouse

Joanna tries to prevent the injunction against Noah Achari's app but doesn't have adequate time to prepare. When she tells him outside that he needs to take down the app he refuses.


Inn at the Forks (The Forks) as Restaurant

Luna gets a call from her mother while at work and learns that they case against David Hanley was dropped.


Inn at the Forks (The Forks) as Inn at the Forks

Billy attends to the Manitoba Bar Association awards ceremony and is disappointed when he learns Joanna isn't attending.


Parkview Manor Apartments as Apartment Complex

Owen confronts some kids about the robbery and arrests one of them who refuses to tell him about the others involved.


Oodena Celebration Circle (The Forks) as Plaza

Billy meets with Taylor to see how she is doing and delivery the letter from her father.


Parking Lot (at St. Mary & Edmonton) as Parking Lot

Joanna meets Billy near the office and he tries to give her the award but she doesn't feel like she deserves it.


The Bronze Boot Tavern as The Boot Tavern

Owen finds Billy drinking and they discuss the state of the town.