“Lost, Found, Fucked” Filming Locations

Marina casts the same spell on Dean Fogg that he used on the students to force his hands while Margo travels through Fillory attempting to located the god Ember.

Series: The Magicians Season 4, Episode 2
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The Magicians episode "Lost, Found, Fucked" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Cates Park as Grecian Ruins

The creature in Eliot brings Quentin to the ruins of an old temple to summon an ancient and forgotten god.

Irving K. Barber Learning Centre (UBC) as Van Pelt Fountain

Julia corners Todd to talk about her failing grades and Todd accidentally spills the beans about Dean Fogg.

Chemistry Building, D-Block (UBC) as Brakebills Building

Todd takes notes while Dean Fogg punches a professor whose wife he previously had an affair with.

Marine Building as Marina's Hideout

Marina walks outside and sees Dean Fogg in the new magical identity of her homeless father.


A Rocha Farm as Hare on the Ass

Margo, Fen, and Tick visit a daytime party looking for Ember but only find Bacchus posing as him instead.