Movies Filmed at Cates Park

Cates Park, North Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Super Valu from Psych
471 m

3753 Dollarton Highway from iZombie
890 m

668 Beachview Drive from The Magicians
997 m

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The Magicians

Grecian Ruins

The creature in Eliot brings Quentin to the ruins of an old temple to summon an ancient and forgotten god in episode 4x02 "Lost, Found, Fucked".

Once Upon a Time

Leroy's Dock

Leroy attempts to sell his boat to Mr. Gold and is then brought a pie by Astrid in episode 1x14 "Dreamy".


Lake Washington Beach

Liv and Ravi arrive at a crime scene to find three decapitated bodies in episode 2x12 "Physician, Heal Thy Selfie". Peyton joins Dale and Lambert by the body of the mayor and they learn that he was turned human before being murdered in episode 4x09 "Mac-Liv-Moore".

The X-Files

Ashes on Beach

Scully talks to Mulder about their son in episode 10x04 "Home Again".


Wine Pickup Dock

Valentine attempts to meet with the tugboat driver to pick up the forged wine in episode 1x12 "Corkscrewed".