“Oil & Water” Filming Locations

The pack is split up and taught the ways of land while Xander tries to get information on his father’s killer from Katrina.

Series: Siren Season 2, Episode 4
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Siren episode "Oil & Water" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Steveston Harbour as Bristol Cove Harbor

Xander discovers Katrina injured in the harbor and later Maddie & Ryn go to pick out some food for the pack.


Reed Point Marina as Bristol Cove Marine Research Center

Ryn and Maddie find a disturbance at the center and later Ben heads off with Levi.


2722 Henry Street as Bishop House

Susan tries to convince Maddie to not move out and then she is visited by her old abusive boyfriend.


Willy's Galley as Rusty's

Susan gives Maddie a necklace while they are out eating chili dogs and later the whole gang goes out for dinner after the fight at the bar.


Sunset Marina as The Anchor

Levi jumps out of the car as Ben is driving past the bar and runs inside where he studies how to be human.