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8885 Lawrence Way, West Vancouver, BC V7W 2T7, Canada
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The Exorcist

Nachburn Island Ferry Dock

Tomas and Marcus arrive on the island with Harper and Grace in episode 2x04 "One For Sorrow". Rose is buying tickets for the trip to the mainland when she realizes that Verity is missing in episode 2x08 "A Heaven of Hell". Andy convinces the kids that he is cured and drives them away in episode 2x09 "Ritual & Repetition".


Marcus and Tomas sit at the bar at night discussing the island and their faith in episode 2x04 "One For Sorrow".

Seattle Ferry Dock

Mouse ambushes two of the agent hunting her in episode 2x09 "Ritual & Repetition".


The Anchor

Xander and Calvin head to the bar where they strike up the conversation with Nicole Martinez, a beautiful woman who is new in town and very curious about Xander's boat in episode 2x01 "The Arrival". Deputy Staub stops by the bar and mentions Ben's party to Xander in episode 2x03 "Natural Order". Levi jumps out of the car as Ben is driving past the bar and runs inside where he studies how to be human in episode 2x04 "Oil & Water". Appears in 12 more episodes.

Captain Calvin's Dock

Xander heads down to see Calvin and Janine's new mermaid tour venture in episode 2x16 "New World Order".