Movies Filmed at Steveston Harbour

12740 Trites Rd, Richmond, BC V7E 3R8, Canada
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Britannia Heritage Shipyards from Travelers and 3 other movies.
206 m

Steveston Paramount Docks from Legends of Tomorrow
627 m

No. 2 Road Fishing Pier & Float from Siren
816 m

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Police Dock

Dock where Lassiter & Juliet get on the police boat and leave Shawn & Gus behind in episode 4x15 "The Head, the Tail, the Whole Damn Episode".

Source: Psych Forums

Once Upon a Time


An injured Mr. Gold is brought ashore in episode 2x16 "The Miller's Daughter".

Legends of Tomorrow

Tokyo Docks [1951]

Ishiro Honda is filming his movie on the shore when a giant monster emerges from the water in episode 4x05 "Tagumo Attacks!!!".


Bristol Cove Harbor

Ryn is trying to buy some seafood on the docks when she notices the strange disturbance again in episode 2x01 "The Arrival". Xander discovers Katrina injured in the harbor and later Maddie & Ryn go to pick out some food for the pack in episode 2x04 "Oil & Water". Katrina runs off after returning to shore with Xander and later Ben asks for his help taking some images of the sonic cannon in episode 2x05 "Primal Instincts". Appears in 2 more episodes.