“Home Improvement” Filming Locations

Alice visits someone she hates, Poppy returns, and Margo tags along on Fen's quest.

Series: The Magicians Season 4, Episode 8
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The Magicians episode "Home Improvement" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

2026 West 63rd Avenue as Quinn House (exterior)

Alice visits her mother's home and later Gavin and another librarian show up looking for someone inside.


Shelter Island Marina & Boatyard as East River Dock

Julia and Quentin visit Harold the Herald in hopes of trading with the dragon but they find something important was recently stolen from her.

Caretaker's Cottage (Murdo Frazer Park) as The Prophet's Cabin

Fen and Julia track down the prophet Fen saw in her dreams but she makes them do a series of menial tasks first.