Movies Filmed at Caretaker's Cottage

2720 Pemberton Avenue, North Vancouver, BC V7R 1C9, Canada

A small log cottage in the hidden Murdo Frazer Park in North Vancouver sits next to beautiful lake and is surrounded on all sides by tall trees. You wouldn’t even know it is surrounded by houses and located a block from the highway.

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The Flash

Henry Allen's Cabin

Barry visits his father at his remote cabin and tells him about losing his powers to Zoom in episode 2x20 "Rupture".


Ranger's Cabin

The ranger takes Gus and Shawn back to his cabin and they learn some valuable information in episode 1x09 "Forget Me Not".


Lost Creek Ranger Station

Sam & Dean get information about the missing hikers in episode 1x02 "Wendigo".

Once Upon a Time

Mr. Gold's Cabin

David and Mary Margaret escape the storm in a remote cabin in episode 1x10 "7:15 A.M.". Mr. Gold takes a kidnapped Moe French to his cabin to try and find his stolen heirloom in episode 1x12 "Skin Deep". Mr. Gold confronts August Booth about why he is in town in episode 1x19 "The Return".


Dr. Whiticus's Cabin

Cabin where the weather machine is located in episode 2x03 "Unpredictable".

Stargate SG-1

Jack's Fishing Cabin

Jack and Teal'c are relaxing on the dock when Teal'c receives a call from Daniel about the Goa'uld symbols in episode 4x13 "The Curse". Sam visits Jack to convince him to help them stop the Aschen in episode 4x16 "2010". From episode 6x15 "Paradise Lost". Appears in 1 more episode.


Simon Phillips's Cabin

The Fringe team locations Simon Phillips at this cabin in episode 3x12 "Concentrate and Ask Again".


Faction Cabin

The team captures a group of Faction members hiding out at a remote cabin in episode 2x08 "Traveler 0027".


Clarice's Cabin

Amanda stays at a cabin to recover after her suicide attempt in episode 1x10 "Unvanquished". From episode 1x11 "Retribution".

Fairly Legal

Nick Grunyan's Cabin

Lauren visits a client's former husband to help finalize the divorce in episode 1x06 "Believers".


Tony's Cabin

The gang takes Andi to Tony's cabin to prove his claims about the devil in episode #115 "Coming to Grips".