“Godspeed” Filming Locations

Team Flash reads Nora's journal to learn about the events that led her to teaming up with Thawne.

Series: The Flash Season 5, Episode 18
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The Flash episode "Godspeed" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Surrey Civic Plaza as Dayton Labs

Back in 2049, Nora races to a crime scene and finds evidence that a speedster stole chemicals from the back of a truck.


CBC Vancouver Broadcast Centre as Ollins Laboratories

Nora and Lia are questioning a scientist about the chemicals stolen from the other labs when the speedster shows up and attacks them, striking Nora with a lightning blast.


North Surrey Recreation Centre as Laundry Truck

Nora crashes into the back of a parked truck after using her speed for the first time.

Vancouver Central Library as Central City Bank

Nora tries to stop a bank robbery with her new powers but accidentally allows the criminals to escape.


CBC Vancouver Broadcast Centre as Stagg Industries

Nora and Lia try to steal the final chemical before Godspeed can get to it but they are interrupted and Lia is killed.


CBC Vancouver Broadcast Centre as Central City Citizen Media

Nora draws Godspeed in front of the satellite dish causing him to lose his powers and crash to the ground.