Movies Filmed at Vancouver Central Library

350 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6B 6B1

Completed in 1995, the Vancouver Public Library’s Central Branch takes up a whole city block in downtown and was designed by Moshe Safdie of DA Architects. The large central atrium is surrounded by the library on one side and several stories of reading spaces on the other. Attached to the main building is a 21-story office tower and retail space.

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Homer Street (between Robson & Georgia) from The Flash and 1 other movie.
48 m

Hamilton Street (between Robson & Georgi… from The Flash and 1 other movie.
51 m

Pacific Coffee Roasters from Travelers
63 m

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The Flash

Concordance Research

RonnieStein confronts and injures an old colleague in episode 1x13 "The Nuclear Man".

Date with Linda

Barry is walking Linda home when he has to save a jumper in episode 1x13 "The Nuclear Man".

Romantic Restaurant

Barry goes out on a date with Patty Spivot while still blinded in episode 2x05 "The Darkness and the Light".

Second and Fulton

The Flash stops the police from injuring someone by shooting through the monster hologram in episode 3x05 "Monster".

S.T.A.R. Labs (balcony)

Wally heads outside and talks to Jesse about why she is so distant in episode 3x13 "Attack on Gorilla City".

Central City Museum (interior)

Barry must rely on Ralph's improvisation when they try to stop Null from committing another robbery in episode 4x17 "Null and Annoyed".

Central City Bank

Nora tries to stop a bank robbery with her new powers but accidentally allows the criminals to escape in episode 5x18 "Godspeed".


Collman & Burr

Marcy and Philip head to an office to meet a newly arriving Traveler to pass off the antimatter only to have him die shortly after arrival in episode 1x02 "Protocol 6".



Where Shawn and Gus go to track down Colin and then attempt to comendeer a vehicle in episode 6x01 "Shawn Rescues Darth Vader".


Metropolis Federal Courts


Cooper Seldon Arrested

Felicity is walking with Cooper Seldon when he is arrested by the FBI in episode 3x05 "The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak".

Stargate SG-1

McKay's Office

Sam visits McKay and attempts to get his help getting back to her dimension in episode 10x13 "The Road Not Taken".


King County Superior Court

Harry Cole is talking to Clive outside courthouse when two people on a motorcycle do a drive-by and kill him in episode 2x06 "Max Wager".


L Corp Gala

Lena invites both Kara and Supergirl to her gala where she lays a trap for the three criminals terrorizing the city in episode 2x05 "Crossfire".

Diamond Exchange

Supergirl arrives to find the gang using an anti-gravity gun during their latest heist in episode 2x05 "Crossfire".

Collapsing Building

James reveals his face to a panicking woman before heading inside to save her child in episode 3x23 "Battles Lost and Won".

Battlestar Galactica

Caprica City

Helo and Sharon are on the run from cylons in episode #103 "Bastille Day" and pass through the library.


Parked Car

Fake Charlie takes some of his shapeshifter drugs in his car here in episode #204 "Momentum Deferred". On the Hamilton Street side of the library.

Alternate Fringe Division

Location of the Fringe Division on the Other Side.

This Means War


Lauren runs into her ex-boyfriend in front of Vancouver's central library.

The 6th Day

Replacement Technologies

88 Minutes

Jack Gramm Associates (offices)
Jack Gramm Associates (parking garage)

Battle In Seattle

Silent Protest


Gemenon Spaceport

Interior of the spaceport as seen in episode 1x14 "Blowback".

Caprica City Building

Joseph and Daniel meet outside this building and decide to get coffee in pilot episode.

Caprica Street

Clarice steals an e-sheet outside the Vancouver library in episode 1x04 "Gravedancing". Also where Joseph's conversation with the Guatrau and Agent Duram's conversation with GDD Director Singh occur in episode 1x14 "Blowback".

Tru Calling

From episode 2x05 "Enough".

Wayward Pines

From episode 1x01 "Where Paradise Is Home".

Source: IMDb

John Doe

Seattle Public Library

Library where John goes to test his knowledge in pilot episode.


Hospital (exterior)

Source: IMDb


Campus Library

Backstrom interviews the victim's ex-girlfriend, Alyson Cox, and finds the laptop she had stolen in episode 1x01 "Dragon Slayer".

Dr. Fleck's Office

Backstrom goes to the psychologist while investigating the murder of a sexual therapist in episode 1x10 "Love Is a Rose and You Better Not Pick It".

Law Office (exterior)

Almond and Moto visit the law office where the flowers were sent to the victim from in episode 1x10 "Love Is a Rose and You Better Not Pick It".