“American Dreamer” Filming Locations

Nia steps up to take Supergirl's place as superhero for the people while Kara is busy researching her article on Lex and James undergoes a radical treatment.

Series: Supergirl Season 4, Episode 19
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Supergirl episode "American Dreamer" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Alley (south of Cambie, west of Robson) as Alley

Nia saves an alien man from an assault and gives a sleepy pun after knocking out the attackers.


79 - 7686 209 Street as Alien Family's Home

George Lockwood accompanies his father on a raid ripping an innocent alien man from his family with the Children of Liberty and questions what they are doing.


CBC Vancouver Broadcast Centre as Amertek

Kara meets Edna outside Amertek and asks her help investigating the company's connection to Lex Luthor.

1745 West 8th Avenue as The Daily Planet

Brainy takes James into his memories of the first time he was attacked by Lex Luthor but finds James drawn to an earlier trauma.


8921 Glover Road as Lockwood Home

George Lockwood asks his mother whether she ever questions what his father is doing and later Ben returns home to find Lydia dead.


Alley (south of Cambie, west of Robson) as Alley near Funeral Home

James and Brainy watch a memory of young James being chased by two bullies outside his father's funeral.

1745 West 8th Avenue as Funeral Parlor (basement)

Young James is chased into the basement by the two bullies and locked inside a coffin.