“Dead Lift” Filming Locations

Liv eats the brains of a fitness buff while continuing to investigate the convenience store murder while human-zombie relations break down further.

iZombie episode “Dead Lift” was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.

Bridgman Park as Hardy Park

As the police are investigating the scene, the missing woman Lisa wanders out of the woods high off her ass.

Wolseley as Pierce County Sheriff (exterior)

Oliver distracts the sheriff to give Baron a chance to hot-wire the squad car and escape with Annie and Pippi.

Lynmouth Park as Seattle Park

Peyton tries to convince one of the two remaining city council members named Zed to support her plan.

1416 Woodland Drive as Mrs. Jones's House

Clive and Liv talk to owner of one of the other cellphones in the area of the murder but eliminate her as the victim.

Ivanhoe Pub as Warmbloods

Liv and Clive arrive at the scene of the drive-by shooting at the violently anti-zombie bar to find one man dying on the floor.

Oppenheimer Park as Fort Winning Park

Dolly Durkins plays up the anti-zombie sentiments of her human clientele and later gets a visit from Mrs. Jones who is angry that someone else if taking credit for their hoax.

1010 George Street as Stuff 'n Skate Convenience Store

A news reporter talks about the attack being a hoax and tries to get a statement from Major.