“The Quest for Peace” Filming Locations

Lex's diabolical plan for the kidnapped aliens is revealed after his false flag operation allows him to effectively take control of the government.

Series: Supergirl Season 4, Episode 22
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Supergirl episode "The Quest for Peace" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Spanish Banks Dog Beach as Jogging Path

Civilians watch as Lex flies above in his suit to stop the incoming Kasnian missiles.


Sky Helicopters (Pitt Meadows Regional Airport) as Military Base

American soldiers scramble to stop the Kasnian invasion.


4767 Pilot House Road as Danvers House

Alex and Kara watch the news report on Lex's "heroics".

Harbour Green Park as L Corp Plaza

George Lockwood sees Kara's article on his father and later gives a press conference saying he supports aliens.

Harbour Green Park as White House Fence

Outside the White House, protestors on both sides begin to read Kara's article on Lex's deception.

Spanish Banks Dog Beach as Shelley Island (beach)

Kara, Alex, and James are stopped by a superpowered Ben Lockwood and a few of his remaining goons before they can head inside to rescue the kidnapped aliens.


Grandview Substation as Shelley Island (warehouse)

Kara and Lex battle supersuit to supersuit in an abandoned building but even with the suit Kara finds herself in trouble.


Alexander Street (between Columbia & Main) as Street near J'onn's Office

Kelly stops Alex on their way to game night to confess feelings and they kiss.


Alexander Street (between Columbia & Main) as National City Transit Authority

Eve is in disguise trying to leave the city when she is approached by a mysterious woman from the organization that hired her to infiltrate Lex's operation.

Harold's Custom Equipment Rentals as Under the Bridge

The Monitor welcomes a green martian who has a vendetta against J'onn to Earth.