Movies Filmed at Alexander Street (between Columbia & Main)

118-140 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC V6A, Canada
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Alibi Room from Battlestar Galactica
54 m

West Waterfront Road & Main Street from Arrow
57 m

190 Alexander from Travelers and 1 other movie.
59 m

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Berlin Street

A Traveler in Berlin doses a fellow runner with the anti-viral in episode 2x05 "Jenny".


Trevor is biking back to the garage when he has a blackout and crashes his bike in episode 3x07 "Trevor".



Lance is walking down the street watching news footage when he spots Black Siren following him in episode 6x12 "All for Nothing".

You Me Her


Izzy joins Jack on a bench and they reminisce about the past before getting a distressing text from Emma in episode 2x10 "Baby, Baby Where Did Our Love Go?".


Jack and Izzy discuss Emma's mysterious return on their way to dinner with Izzy's father in episode 3x06 "Fool Me Once? Shame on You. Fool Me Twice? Blow Me".



Richie and Ezra park their car and walk to the spy shop. Later Richie returns to his car after acquiring the information to find Ezra waiting for him in episode 1x02 "My Balls, Dickhead".