Movies Filmed at Plaza of Nations

760 Pacific Boulevard, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2R8, Canada

The Plaza of Nations is an entertainment and events complex constructed for Expo '86. The original sheltered plaza was large enough to house 4,500 people for performances and hosted a number of high-profile artists before being demolished in 2007 due to safety concerns. Currently only two of the original structures remain, the main glass building currently housing Edgewater Casino and the office building at 750 Pacific Boulevard.

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Abitibi from Battlestar Galactica
69 m

750 Pacific Boulevard from The Flash and 8 other movies.
117 m

WestPark Lot 098 from Supergirl
215 m

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Show Map

The Flash

Broker Attacked

A man is killed by a shadow and Barry and Julian come to investigate in episode 3x06 "Shade".


Moonbeam Casino (exterior)

Ella and Lucifer are kicked out of the casino and then approached by Candy who is working in disguise as a waitress in episode 3x06 "Vegas with Some Radish".

The Magicians

Conference Center

Penny greets some fans while walking to an elevator in episode 4x01 "A Flock of Lost Birds".


Rooftop across from Hotel

Olive and Diggle scout the hotel where Roy is being held and then they return with Thea who slides across to rescue him in episode 6x15 "Doppelgänger".

Derelict Casino

Black Siren is escorted to meet Ricardo Diaz in an old casino and later Oliver, Thea, and Diggle arrive to rescue Roy based on Black Siren's tip in episode 6x15 "Doppelgänger".

Stargate SG-1


While exploring this planet, SG-1 encounters strange alien insects, one of which infects Teal'c in episode 2x10 "Bane".

J.R. Reed Space Terminal

Stargate terminal in the future in episode 4x16 "2010".

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency


The police captain meets with Gordon Rimmer to complain about the current of state of affairs and Rimmer tells him that he has acquired the second machine in episode 1x06 "Fix Everything".


Waterfront Meeting

Kiera meets with Brad on the waterfront and they discuss Brad's infiltration of the future soldiers in episode 4x02 "Rush Hour". Kiera meets Brad by the waterfront again in episode 4x05 "The Desperate Hours".

Romeo Must Die

Falling into Water


From episode 5x03 "The Black Corsage".

Source: IMDb


Natural History Museum


Government Sanctuary

From episode #205 "El Sid".

Source: IMDb

John Doe

Hot Dog Stand

John visits the hot dog stand again and sees someone in color floating past on a ferry in episode 1x02 "Blood Lines".