“Chapter Two: The Mall Rats” Filming Locations

Joyce notices something strange, Dustin seeks help with the secret code, Nancy investigates a mystery, and Max takes Eleven out for a day at the mall.

Stranger Things episode “Chapter Two: The Mall Rats” was filmed in Jackson, Lithonia, Stone Mountain, & Atlanta in the United States of America.

Jackson Drug as Melvald's General Store

Joyce notices something strange happening with her magnets after Hopper visits to tell her about his talk with Eleven and Mike.

6980 Main Street as The Hawkins Post

Nancy convinces Jonathan that they should follow up the lead from Mrs. Driscoll on their own.

South Bend Pool as Hawkins Community Pool

Billy begins to act strangely during his shift and the other lifeguard Heather tries to figure out what is wrong.

Source: IMDb