“Chapter 1” Filming Locations

A woman wakes up surrounded by bodies with no memory of anything before that moment and tries to unravel a series of cryptic messages that she left herself from the past.

Series: The Rook Season 1, Episode 1
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The Rook episode "Chapter 1" was filmed in London in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Millennium Bridge as Millennium Bridge

Myfanwy wakes up in the rain surrounded by bodies with no memory of her own identity or how she got there.

Great Windmill Street (between Archer & Shaftesbury) as Street

Myfanwy runs down the street and briefly hides behind some phone booths.

Kinkao Korean as Hume Hotel

Myfanwy finds a cheep hotel to hide out for the night.


River Thames (near Tower Bridge) as River Thames

Linda rides a Checquy boat down the river towards the site of the massacre.


St. Pancras Station as St. Pancras Station

Monica arrives in London by train and is picked up by Conrad.


Rokit Collections as Clothing Store

Myfanwy buys a new outfit to change her appearance.

Australia House as Mansel Bank London


Freemasons' Hall as Mansel Bank London (basement)

Somerset House as Apex House

Myfanwy makes her way through the protests out front of the building and tries to act like her former self she doesn't remember.