“State of Mind” Filming Locations

Henry tries to forget about the events of the past day while various people investigate Clay's injuries.

Impulse episode “State of Mind” was filmed in Toronto, Cayuga, Ayr, & Hamilton in Canada.

8090 KTV as Karaoke Bar

Dominick follows a doctor from his past who is out for drinks and jumps him away.

21 Dundas Square as Tokyo Rooftop

Dominick jumps to the roof with the doctor he grabbed from the karaoke bar but is interrupted by Nikolai who has a device that prevents him from jumping away.

Haldimand Motors as Bill Boone Motors

Bill yells at Lucas when he tries to tell him about Henry disappearing and later Henry returns her car in the dead of night.

Little Short Stop as Waitt's Pharmacy & Market

Cleo gives Henry some cash and drops her off at the pharmacy to get her new medication.

Cayuga Secondary School as Reston High School

Henry returns to school and generally has a good day talking to Townes and telling off Mr. Gibson to the principal until Jenna brings her some bad news.

Breezy Corners Freelton as The Yolk Diner

Thomas brings dinner to Cleo at work and the next day she chats with Anna.