Impulse Filming Locations

Impulse was filmed in Toronto, Cayuga, Mississauga, Hamilton, & Ayr in Canada, Barcelona in Spain, and Bucharest in Romania.

Cayuga Secondary School

Reston High School

Jenna drives Henry to school where she has a seizure after standing up to her teacher in pilot episode. Henry returns to school and generally has a good day talking to Townes and telling off Mr. Gibson to the principal until Jenna brings her some bad news in episode 1x02 “State of Mind”. The school is evacuated after the incident in the bathroom in episode 1x03 “Treading Water”.

Appears in 6 additional episodes.

Henry struggles to stay awake at school and asks Townes for his help with her nocturnal jumping.

The Eagle and the Bee

Jenna asks Townes about Henry and then gets invited out by Zach.

In Memoriam

Henry tells Jenna about her strange trip and in the afternoon Townes and Jenna's science team are given an award.


Henry enters a dream version of the school and encounters Townes dressed as a knight talking about her hero's journey.

New Beginnings

Jenna and Henry get high before school and Jenna sits with Henry and Townes at lunch.

Mind on fire

Jenna is talking to Townes at school when she is notified of the shooting.

Haldimand Motors

Bill Boone Motors

Bill Boone gets angry with Lucas when one of his car shipments full of drugs doesn't arrive from Canada in pilot episode. Bill yells at Lucas when he tries to tell him about Henry disappearing and later Henry returns her car in the dead of night in episode 1x02 “State of Mind”. Lucas unloads a drug shipment and later Cleo goes in for her interview with Bill in episode 1x04 “Vita/Mors”.

Appears in 5 additional episodes.
The Eagle and the Bee

Jeremiah pays Bill a visit to talk about his son and Cleo gets some advice from Lucas to help with her first day at work.

In Memoriam

Anna takes her car to the dealership for repair to arrange a run-in with Cleo.

He Said, She Said

Lucas tries to tell Clay his theory about Henry's abilities and she stops by to apologize to Bill in an attempt to get him to confess.


Lucas tries to leave before the meeting between the Boones and the Millers but Cleo shows up an drags him back inside.

They Know Not What They Do

Anna joins the DEA surveillance team as they watch the meeting between the Boones and the Millers.

1071 Regional Road 8

Hope House

Josh drops Henry back at home and she jumps back to her room after falling from the roof trying to sneak inside in episode 1x06 “In Memoriam”. Anna drops Henry off at home and later Cleo hosts the Boone family for dinner in episode 1x07 “He Said, She Said”. Henry races home in her dream looking for help to save Jenna in episode 1x08 “Awakenings”.

Appears in 3 additional episodes.
They Know Not What They Do

Jenna cleans up after Nikolai's trouble and Henry convinces her to lie to her father.

New Beginnings

Townes stops by to check on Henry and helps her get rid of Clay.

Mind on fire

Nikolai watches Bill's confrontation with Henry and then cleans up the mess she leaves behind.

Little Short Stop

Waitt's Pharmacy & Market

Cleo gives Henry some cash and drops her off at the pharmacy to get her new medication in episode 1x02 “State of Mind”.

21 Dundas Square

Tokyo Rooftop

Dominick jumps to the roof with the doctor he grabbed from the karaoke bar but is interrupted by Nikolai who has a device that prevents him from jumping away in episode 1x02 “State of Mind”.

Medics Mobility

Medical Supply Store

Bill visits the store to buy a wheelchair for Clay but refuses to listen to what the salesperson has to say in episode 1x03 “Treading Water”.

8090 KTV

Karaoke Bar

Dominick follows a doctor from his past who is out for drinks and jumps him away in episode 1x02 “State of Mind”.