Movies Filmed at Cayuga Secondary School

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Reston High School

Jenna drives Henry to school where she has a seizure after standing up to her teacher in pilot episode. Henry returns to school and generally has a good day talking to Townes and telling off Mr. Gibson to the principal until Jenna brings her some bad news in episode 1x02 “State of Mind”. The school is evacuated after the incident in the bathroom in episode 1x03 “Treading Water”.

Appears in 6 additional episodes.

Henry struggles to stay awake at school and asks Townes for his help with her nocturnal jumping.

The Eagle and the Bee

Jenna asks Townes about Henry and then gets invited out by Zach.

In Memoriam

Henry tells Jenna about her strange trip and in the afternoon Townes and Jenna's science team are given an award.


Henry enters a dream version of the school and encounters Townes dressed as a knight talking about her hero's journey.

New Beginnings

Jenna and Henry get high before school and Jenna sits with Henry and Townes at lunch.

Mind on fire

Jenna is talking to Townes at school when she is notified of the shooting.