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Bill Boone Motors

Bill Boone gets angry with Lucas when one of his car shipments full of drugs doesn't arrive from Canada in pilot episode. Bill yells at Lucas when he tries to tell him about Henry disappearing and later Henry returns her car in the dead of night in episode 1x02 “State of Mind”. Lucas unloads a drug shipment and later Cleo goes in for her interview with Bill in episode 1x04 “Vita/Mors”.

Appears in 5 additional episodes.
The Eagle and the Bee

Jeremiah pays Bill a visit to talk about his son and Cleo gets some advice from Lucas to help with her first day at work.

In Memoriam

Anna takes her car to the dealership for repair to arrange a run-in with Cleo.

He Said, She Said

Lucas tries to tell Clay his theory about Henry's abilities and she stops by to apologize to Bill in an attempt to get him to confess.


Lucas tries to leave before the meeting between the Boones and the Millers but Cleo shows up an drags him back inside.

They Know Not What They Do

Anna joins the DEA surveillance team as they watch the meeting between the Boones and the Millers.