“In Plain Sight” Filming Locations

Kara & Nia dig into William's illicit activities, James & Kelly find their old town in terrible shape, and J'onn struggles with his guilt.

Series: Supergirl Season 5, Episode 4
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Supergirl episode "In Plain Sight" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

City Centre Library as Obsidian North

J'onn poses as Kelly in order to draw Malefic into an ambush but he somehow escapes them.


Empty Lot (at North & Fraser) as Empty Lot

Kelly and James pass a homeless encampment on their way into town and then notice the massive prison on the horizon.


25014 80 Avenue as Aunt Vi's House

Kelly and James arrive at the house where they are staying only to find some kids squatting inside.

Provincial Industrial School for Girls as Andres Bello

Kara visits the address in Mexico City that William was given and finds a suspicious accident that apparently killed a woman.


119 Avenue (between 223 & 224) as Calvintown Street

As they are walking through town Kelly and James notice the local paper which is now run by James's old mentor.


North St. Food Store as Convenience Store

One of the kids that Kelly and James found squatting in their aunt's house is caught shoplifting but Kelly helps him out.