Movies Filmed at City Centre Library

10350 University Dr, Surrey, BC V3T 4B8, Canada
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Surrey Civic Plaza from Supergirl
39 m

Surrey City Hall from The Flash and 6 other movies.
84 m

Central City from The Flash and 8 other movies.
308 m

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Marcy's Library

Marcy is working at the library late at night when she is attacked by a group of men and overwritten before she can be killed in episode 1x01 "Travelers".

Internet Cafe

Philip is working on the computer setting up the chat room when Detective Gower arrives to question him about his roommate's death in episode 1x01 "Travelers".


National City Art Gallery (interior)

Maggie shows Winn footage of his night at the art gallery but Lyra doesn't show up anywhere on the footage in episode 2x16 "Star-Crossed".


Piron Labs

Kellog gives Alec access to his lab so Alec can modify the time travel device in episode 4x05 "The Desperate Hours".