“Spyfall - Part One” Filming Locations

The Doctor and her fam are asked to help the governments of the world when some alien threat is attacking spies around the globe.

Series: Doctor Who Season 12, Episode 1
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Doctor Who episode "Spyfall - Part One" was filmed in Cardiff & Sheffield in United Kingdom and Cape Town in South Africa.
Show Map

Rocks above Afrikaans Language Monument (Paarl Mountain) as Ivory Coast

A sniper is preparing to take a shot on a truck driving in the distance when she is attacked by a mysterious entity that emerges from the cliff face.


Custom House as Moscow Safe House

A spy rushes to his safe house and calls for extraction but is attacked by something that emerges from the ceiling.


Bay Studios Business Park as Basketball Court

Ryan shoots some hoops with his friends, makes up another in a series of bad excuses for his absences, and then sees some government agents waiting for him.


Park Hill Flats as Park Hill

Yaz talks to her mum as she packs her suitcase and her sister tries to get Ryan's number.


Cardiff Central Police Station as Hallamshire Police Station

Yaz talks to her sergeant about her repeated absences and then a pair of mysterious government agents arrive for her.

Source: InterCardiff


Cardiff and Vale College as Sheffield City Hospital

Graham gets a clean bill of health and is then picked up by the mysterious agents outside the building.


J&P Auto's as Auto Shop

The Doctor is working on her TARDIS when government agents arrive with her fam and ask her to come with them.


A4232 (Queen's Gate Tunnel) as Highway Tunnel

The Doctor questions the government agent brining them in until he is killed by a strange beam from the car's navigation system which then tries to kill them.


A4232 (Bridge over River Taff) as Highway Bridge

The car stops after driving out of control only for the navigation system to threaten to kill everyone.


Swansea Guildhall as SIS Building

The Doctor and her companions are brought to C, the head of MI6, who tells them about the attacks on the world's spies and the potential connection to Daniel Barton.


The Apex as Vor Headquarters (exterior)

Yaz and Graham discuss their undercover roles as they head to their meeting with Daniel Barton.


Century City Conference Centre as Vor Headquarters (interior)

Yaz and Graham pose as reporters to meet with Daniel Barton and gain access to the building.


Ranch north of Bergriver as Great Victoria Desert

Graham and the Doctor meet with O in his exile in Australia only for the mysterious figures to attack.


Delavia Estate as Vallis Estate

The Doctor, her companions, and O dress up in tuxes to infiltrate Daniel Barton's party.


Stellenhof Aviation (CPT) as Vor Hanger

The gang follows Daniel Barton to his hanger and manage to get onto his plane as he prepares to take off.