“Spyfall - Part Two” Filming Locations

The Doctor plays a game of cat-and-mouse through time with the Master while Yaz, Ryan, and Graham attempt to escape all of the surveillance powers of Daniel Barton in the present.

Series: Doctor Who Season 12, Episode 2
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Doctor Who episode "Spyfall - Part Two" was filmed in Cardiff & Newport in United Kingdom, Tenerife in Spain, and South Africa.
Show Map

Horizon Flight Training (MOD St Athan) as Essex Airport

Daniel Barton examines his plane that landed itself while Graham, Ryan, and Yaz hide nearby and discuss the plan.


King Square as Essex Plaza

Ryan, Yaz, and Graham are walking through town when they get a message from Daniel Barton through their phones and their pictures appear on a wanted announcement.


Tredegar House as Babbage House

The Doctor joins Ada and Babbage to discuss the plan of the Master and the creatures of light.

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Barry Island Housing Development as Housing Development

Yaz, Graham, and Ryan take shelter in a construction site where there are no cameras to avoid Daniel Barton's tracking.


Custom House as Paris Street

Ada and the Doctor wake up on a destroyed Paris street during World War II and are taken to safety by the English spy Noor Inayat Khan.


Hanger (MOD St Athan) as Hanger

Daniel Barton holds his mother hostage and uses his technology to transform her first.


Porthkerry Country Park as Phone Booth

Yaz calls her sister to tell her family she is okay and to draw out Daniel Barton's goons so they can go on the offensive.

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Glamorgan Building (Cardiff University) as Bois de Boulogne

Noor Inayat Khan and Ada Lovelace travel to where the Master has parked his TARDIS in a Parisian alley.

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Viewpoint on TF-21 (Parque Nacional del Teide) as Gallifrey

The TARDIS appears on Galifrey and the Doctor looks out over the destruction.


Taal Monument (Paarl Mountain) as The Boundary

The Doctor has a vision of the Timeless Child.