“Everything's Coming Up Lucifer” Filming Locations

Series: Lucifer Season 2, Episode 1
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Lucifer episode "Everything's Coming Up Lucifer" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
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The Vancouver Club as Belson & Berks

Lucifer and Amenadiel stop a jewelry store robbery while searching for their mother.

Canadian Motion Picture Park Backlot as Film Studio

Chloe, Lucifer, and the new forensics tech Ella investigate the murder of a stand-in on a television set.

5024 Erin Way as Roberta Beliard's House

Lucifer and Chloe interview the woman who the murder victim was living with.

Burnaby City Hall as Police Station

Chloe and Dan talk outside the police station about a fight between the victim and her costar.


Trout Lake Community Centre as AA Meeting

Lucifer and Chloe question a murder suspect after an AA meeting.