Movies Filmed at The Vancouver Club

915 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V6C, Canada
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Hastings Street & Hornby Street from The Flash and 4 other movies.
29 m

900 Block, West Hastings Street from Battle In Seattle
29 m

Downtown Plaza on Hornby from The Flash and 3 other movies.
49 m

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The 100

Alie's Mansion (interior)

Jaha enters the strange mansion and finds himself talking to a hologram in episode #216 "Blood Must Have Blood, Part 2". Murphy finds his way to the mansion after being trapped in the bunker and talks to Jaha in episode #301 "Wanheda, Part 1".

Fancy Bunker

Murphy enters a fancy bunker after landing on the beach and finds a video from someone before the bombs in episode #216 "Blood Must Have Blood, Part 2". He finds himself trapped in the bunker for several months in episode #301 "Wanheda, Part 1".


Belson & Berks

Lucifer and Amenadiel stop a jewelry store robbery while searching for their mother in episode #201 "Everything's Coming Up Lucifer".

Fairly Legal

The Club

Lauren goes to lunch at the club to try and retain one of their old clients in episode #104 "Bo Me Once".