Movies Filmed at Burnaby City Hall

Burnaby City Hall, Burnaby, BC V5G, Canada
Nearby Locations
Burnaby Central Secondary School from Emily Owens, M.D.
189 m

Burnaby Art Gallery from Psych and 3 other movies.
277 m

Shadbolt Centre for the Arts from She's the Man
375 m

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Santa Barbara City Hall

Shawn receives an award from the mayor and then gives his own mayoral speech, later he solves the case in the meeting room in episode 7x10 "Santa Barbarian Candidate".

Legends of Tomorrow

Occidental College [1979]

Rip requests the Legends help defending a young 'Barry' from Grodd in episode 3x17 "Guest Starring John Noble".


Washington Committee Room

Meeting room seen at the end of episode #411 "Liftoff".

Stargate SG-1

Appropriations Committee Room

Vala, Daniel, General Landry, and Teal'c attempt to convince the congressional appropriations committee to not cut funding to the Stargate program in episode 9x04 "The Ties That Bind".